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A Moment in Steve’s Shoes

Food Drunk Aftermath

Is it possible to get a food hangover? Based on my most recent experience, I've concluded this phenomenon can occur. As I've done from time to time, I'm currently on what I call an “extended break” from alcohol. During which time, I've been at the gym five days a week and eaten extremely well. When I say extremely well, I mean snacks of raw kale, broccoli and parsley in between meals of lentils, brussels sprouts and green beans.

Missed Oppertunity?

Have you ever let a phone call go to voice mail, but it only records the last few words because the automated message doesn't know to wait for the beep? This horror story involves such a phone call. Now, I've never put my number on the National Do Not Call List. Any strange digits that pop up, I just ignore and send to voice mail. However, I fear I missed out on a golden opportunity because of this method. During my afternoon nap I awoke to a Calgary number calling me.

Being a dad...it changes you!

It’s funny how life changes once you have a child. Of course there’s the obvious things like never having a good nights sleep, or one day realizing another persons fecal matter all over your arm no longer bothers you. Then there’s other changes you don’t quite realize until you take a hard look at how far you’ve come since that delivery room.

Steve the handyman!

I’ve never claimed to be much of a handyman and I certainly proved that over the August long weekend. I decided it was time to convert my boy’s crib into a toddler bed. I estimated a 20 minute job, as the two simple instructions, with pictures, were posted right on the bottom of the crib. In a nutshell, I just had to remove four bolts, take the front piece off, and bolt in a support bar across the bottom. Easy enough? Well, after an hour I still couldn’t get the support bar bolts to catch on the required barrel nuts.

Customer Service

If there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s when I go to pay for something in a store and the cashier doesn’t acknowledge me with at least a “hello.” It’s happened several times over the past year, but it was just taken to a new extreme.