A Moment in Steve’s Shoes

Being a dad...it changes you!

It’s funny how life changes once you have a child. Of course there’s the obvious things like never having a good nights sleep, or one day realizing another persons fecal matter all over your arm no longer bothers you. Then there’s other changes you don’t quite realize until you take a hard look at how far you’ve come since that delivery room.

Steve the handyman!

I’ve never claimed to be much of a handyman and I certainly proved that over the August long weekend. I decided it was time to convert my boy’s crib into a toddler bed. I estimated a 20 minute job, as the two simple instructions, with pictures, were posted right on the bottom of the crib. In a nutshell, I just had to remove four bolts, take the front piece off, and bolt in a support bar across the bottom. Easy enough? Well, after an hour I still couldn’t get the support bar bolts to catch on the required barrel nuts.

Customer Service

If there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s when I go to pay for something in a store and the cashier doesn’t acknowledge me with at least a “hello.” It’s happened several times over the past year, but it was just taken to a new extreme.

Cost ÷ Use = Worth It?

I’m not usually a huge fan of snowfall, but this latest dump had me a bit excited. I was finally able to get some more use out of my idle snow shovel. Back in November, I dished out a few bucks on


Alright, no fancy or clever leads into this topic … MOVING SUCKS! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I must pack up the rental house I’ve been in for seven months and move my family into a new home. It wouldn’t be so bad, if this wasn’t the ninth time I’ve moved in nine years. Being in the broadcasting business, it’s not uncommon to advance your career by going where the jobs are. In the span of two years I spent time in Lethbridge, Grande Prairie, Lloyminster and St.

Harbinger of the Holiday Season

I have a friend who every year talks about the harbingers of spring. Such as the first sighting of a robin flying into the backyard and playing so joyfully. I can now share with him a harbinger of the holiday season, as I was recently the unfortunate victim. Our story begins just before the noon hour. I walked from the office to my car, opened the door and sat in the drivers seat. That's when several weeks of throwing caution into the wind came back to haunt me.