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Being a changes you!
It’s funny how life changes once you have a child. Of course there’s the obvious things like never having a good nights sleep, or one day realizing another persons fecal matter all over your arm no longer bothers you. Then there’s other changes you don’t quite realize until you take a hard look at how far you’ve come since that delivery room.
Before our child, a typical date night with my wife would start with something like beers and fish tacos. From there, anything could happen before packing it in around 2 a.m. Fast forward to the present day and a summer vacation to see my parents in Lethbridge.
The first thing we did was leave the two and a half year old boy with grandma and grandpa, then headed out for a night on the town. However, there were no fish tacos this night. Not even a drop of beer. Keep in mind we’re now childless, the world is our oyster, we can do anything we want. So what did we do? First stop was a store that sold scented candles and we smelled candles for at least 20 minutes. I’m not sure if this is a sign of sophistication and maturity, but it’s certainly not how I pictured our first free night in months. Are we just getting older and our tastes have changed? Now don’t get me wrong, there was some nice smelling candles from Pumpkin Pecan Waffle all the way up to Flannel, but I could envision so many other things we could be smelling.
For example, waking up to the smell of stale alcohol and shame as the result of very poor choices we made the night before. On second thought … that might be exactly how we got into this situation in
the first place. Perhaps candles and a simple movie was the correct answer after all.