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Food Drunk Aftermath

Is it possible to get a food hangover? Based on my most recent experience, I've concluded this phenomenon can occur. As I've done from time to time, I'm currently on what I call an “extended break” from alcohol. During which time, I've been at the gym five days a week and eaten extremely well. When I say extremely well, I mean snacks of raw kale, broccoli and parsley in between meals of lentils, brussels sprouts and green beans. I've been eating so healthy it's making other people sick to their stomach. I was about 58 days into this bout of clean living when a high school buddy comes to town on business. Saturday night we get together for supper at a local steakhouse. My six ounce blue rare steak and steamed asparagus was far from the worst thing on the menu, so I felt okay. However, I decided to throw caution into the wind and order dessert, Creme Brulee. I'm a sucker for Creme Brulee. Now usually a $7 dessert in a restaurant ends up being the size of a thimble. Not this one! I can land a space shuttle on the thin caramelized layer of sweetness the waitress brings out. I wasn't expecting a Frisbee sized bowl of pure sugar and cream. But I ate it like a champ. Fast-forward an hour, I get home and discover my wife has baked a batch of brownies. I figured I was already in too deep, so I went to town on this tray. It was like raw animal instinct kicked in and I had to pounce on this prey to ensure my survival. It was like I was poisoned and the only antidote was somewhere in this brick of butter and cocoa. I can tell you this, I went to bed extremely satisfied that night, to the point I almost lit up a cigarette it was that good. Then came Sunday morning. It honestly felt like a hangover following a long night of drinking. The pound of sugar consumed the night before went through my unconditioned digestive system and caused the following symptoms. Headache, dehydration, upset stomach, blurred vision, all on top of being lethargic. In this confused state, it was only natural I do what I've done in the past to combat a hangover. I downed the right combination of pickle juice, Powerade, greasy breakfast sandwiches and hash browns … and thus began the second half of Food Hangover 2017.