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by Peyton C.   It was another ordinary day in Fred Riverbottom’s ordinary routine. He woke up, made a pot of coffee, cooked his usual breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham,and went for his morning stroll. However, today he saw something that really troubled him. It was a dancing trout that reflected the early morning sun’s light in the best of ways. “Excuse me, dear fellow. Mind if I ask why you’re dancing so vigorously?” He asked the creature, quite... Read More
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Writers’ Club Fiction by Martin Povey © 2016   They are the folks who live by our pond. They are infinitely superior to us. They bob and sway seemingly burdened by the knowledge of time. ... Read More
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So what exactly is a “professional organizer” and what do they do? Are they just for those that need psychological help? Like those on reality TV shows such as Hoarders? Not exactly. Professional Organizers are a growing band of people that actively help people who clutter themselves up with the daily chores of life. They help the stressed and tired and can have a very beneficial effect on family life. A Professional Organizer have a certain set of skills that they can tailor to the individual and their area of need. For example, say you needed help with... Read More
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Thinking about buying or selling a home? Real estate agents can help you navigate the waters and make your adventure go smoothly and efficiently. Just because you can buy and sell property on your own, it doesn't mean you should.

There are many ways agents add value during the purchase or sale of a home:

1.They save... Read More

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Writer’s Club Fiction by Mike Dykstra

As I get older, I find my attention wandering more and more. This is a good thing. Life is a lot more interesting when I misread or mishear things. ... Read More

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