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Government Fatigue

Whether attending town halls or speaking to individual Albertans across the province, I find one constant: exhaustion with this NDP government.  There’s really no other way to put it. 

Assassins (The Musical!)

MHMT is proud to present Assassins ....perhaps the most controversial musical ever written! This bold, original and disturbing musical explores the dark side of the “American Dream” and a nation’s culture of celebrity and the violent means some will use to obtain this dream. This TONY award winning musical tells the story of America’s four successful and five would-be presidential assassins.

Albertan's Values

In the same way a family ensures their future by instilling values, building a financial foundation and allowing ideas and individualism to foster, I have spent considerable time the last few months listening to Cypress-Medicine Hatters and Albertans about our economy, culture and future.