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What’s Stored in Your Closet?

A Writer’s Club submission - Linda Penner ©2016

A hoard of meaningless recollection?

A ghost? A skeleton? A sexual orientation?
A clutter of bones from a deed or transgression?
A rail against another’s expectation.
A person I can’t be. 
The sickly, cloy of blood red flower.
The disapproving face, so dour.
The piercing glance from ivory tower.
The sad, brash self now made to cower.
The person I once was.
Outside the heavy torrents pour
Inside a sorrow stabs the core
Around me many eyes implore
Nowhere to grieve behind closed door
The person she had been
What’s Stored in Your Closet?
©2016 - Linda Penner 
Linda Penner is a member of the Medicine Hat Rhyme & Reason Writers’ Club which meets
each Tuesday at 7.00pm in Room S103 at The Medicine Hat College. For more information
visit them at rhymeandreasonmedhat.wordpress.com or call Martin at 403 529 9287