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On The Threshold

Writers’ Club Fiction by Kerry Bennett © 2016
There she stood, at the threshold of the kindergarten classroom. Her pudgy fingers twisting a lock of her long, brown hair. Her lips pursed as she scanned the room swarming with children, some playing, some crying, and some clinging to their parents. She saw buckets of wooden blocks and shelves full of books, paints and a play kitchen all tempting her to come in. But like the wheels of a shopping cart that mysteriously lock at the perimeter of a parking lot, she couldn’t force herself through the door.

Then finally, with a determined look, she rocked up on the toes of her little, black, patent leather shoes, swung her arms like a high jumper and launched herself into the schoolroom.

On The Threshold
© 2016 - Kerry Bennett
Kerry Bennett is a member of the Medicine Hat Rhyme & Reason Writers’ Club which meets each Tuesday at 7.00pm in Room S103 at The Medicine Hat College. For more information visit them at rhymeandreasonmedhat.wordpress.com or call Martin at 403 529 9287.