Dog Doing Yoga (And other nonsense) | Gotta Minute?!

Dog Doing Yoga (And other nonsense)

by Peyton C.
It was another ordinary day in Fred Riverbottom’s ordinary routine. He woke up, made a pot of coffee, cooked his usual breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham,and went for his morning stroll. However, today he saw something that really troubled him. It was a dancing trout that reflected the early morning sun’s light in the best of ways. “Excuse me, dear fellow. Mind if I ask why you’re dancing so vigorously?” He asked the creature, quite disturbed that it danced so well and furiously. “Don’t you belong in the water along with your cousins’ and family?”
Well, this trout was having none of this. He looked at Fred and explained in a matter of fact but sad tone, “Have you never seen the way a dog does yoga or a moose does pilates? My cousins’ don’t like my dancing; they always tell me that it looks like I’m going to bend myself in half like a book.” Fred simply shook his head and looked up at the sky, taking in the odd shade of green that paints the sky. “Well, looks like it’s about to rain. I’ll leave you to your dance and I hope you enjoy it.”
As he turned to walk away, he heard the trout laugh and chuckle excitedly; almost as if he were excited to finally dance to his heart’s content. As he walks through the front door, he hears the fire crackling in the fireplace and notices his pet dog, Hydro, standing in the warrior pose while breathing calmly. “What on earth are you doing, Hydro? First a dancing trout and now you’re doing yoga, I just don’t know anymore old boy. I feel like I’ve seen everything nowadays. Anyway, time for a nap.” Fred asks, both defeated in the sense that the trout was right and that maybe he hadn’t seen everything yet. A couple hours later, he wakes up to Hydro barking and growling while clawing at the window like a wild pup. He goes to take a peek and notices that same trout dancing gleefully in the front yard. Shaking his head, he opens the door and steps outside to confront the trout. Standing on the front porch in a housecoat, pajamas, and socks, he folds his arms and leans against the doorway. “You know, you don’t have to dance here buddy. I’m sure the river is where you should be dancing anyways. Unless your cousins have stopped you from dancing there as well.” 
Fred looked at him, trying to figure out why he couldn’t be bothered to dance back at the riverside. “My friend, I wasn’t looking to bother you after you left. I merely wanted to dance for you and show my appreciation for letting me dance. I only wish I had some music..” The great fish remembered sadly. Fred brought his guitar out and started strumming an energetic tune while The Trout laughed and excitedly danced the afternoon away.